Over many years I have developed a broad suite of approaches uniquely suited to developing robust and useful prototypes of future experiences. Far from dogmatic, this suite of skills is designed to be flexible and adaptable to account for the natural variances of any project.

In parallel, my work with the Near Future Laboratory, and particularly the toolkit developed through 'The Future Mundane', has introduced new ways of engaging with the future, which embrace and confront the inevitable practicalities and pragmatic questions of any future product.

As a part of this practice I remain open to every design tool, from physical prototyping to film, print, motion and interaction design - whatever it takes to build a compelling and complete picture of a future scenario. In leading design teams I seek out a willingness to experiment and a flexibility of process, combined with a strong understanding of real human needs and deep empathetic sensitivity.

Across numerous multinational companies, my work has led to significant shifts in product strategy, developed entirely new concepts and models of interaction, opened new avenues of exploration and built deeper understandings of the role of technology in our collective future. I continue to push the relationship between design and emerging technology in my role at X, and am a leading proponent of Design Fiction and related fields of academia.