Personal website for designer and futurist Nick Foster
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Over the last two decades Nick has held many roles, from Design Engineer, Industrial Design Consultant, in-house Design Strategist, Design leader, Writer and Futurist. Industrial Design still sits at the core of his practice, but a focus on emerging technology has allowed him to explore many diverse facets of the discipline. From creating visual product languages forJaguar, leading research into emerging devices and behaviors at Sony, exploring future trajectories of technology through film at Nokia, to leading emerging operating systems for Google and world-changing moonshots at X, Nick excels not only as a practitioner but as a leader in all fields of design. In parallel, his Design Fiction work at the Near Future Laboratory and ongoing academic output have positioned him at the forefront of emerging research, design practice and discourse.

Due to the strategic nature of this work, the majority remains private, pre-launched or under strict non-disclosure clauses. If you would like to see examples of Nick’s work or discuss particular projects, please get in touch here.



“Foster’s job is to lead design at X, Google’s ‘moonshot factory’ with inherently futuristic goals”